Picture yourself at the intersection of an immersive journey, a global & local community, and an experiential program. 

You're at Caravan, expanding your inner + outer world.


The Caravan experience is coming to Cuba this June 2017! Join us for an 9 day unique journey of a lifetime as we caravan through the exciting island of Cuba, while engaging with each other in a captivating immersive program. Think: Nature exploration, artist residence visits, cocktail & cooking classes, dancing under the stars, waterfalls hikes, beaches trips, local dinners & more!

We will curate an intimate group of 10 Cuban and 10 global purpose-driven visionaries to uncover Cuba's local secrets together all while connecting more deeply with ourselves.


What's the Program Design?

We’ve designed this Caravan to highlight the unique spirit of Cuba that is most important for a real + meaningful experience.  Each day, this exploration will begin with a specific theme that is central to life in Cuba.

For example, you’ll learn about the following modern and traditional Cuban highlights: Salsa to EDM, country tables to fine dining, Art and dance, global advancement, current and past political systems, historical movements and revolution, modern vs. traditional communication, burgeoning capitalist thought, freedom, growth, and more.

In addition to learning about what it means to be Cuban, we will facilitate conversations with each other about the spectrum of the human experience, and share our individual and national ideologies.


Imagine after Caravan: Cuba, you leave with 1000+ years of wisdom and experience. That's exactly our intention. That you won't just end up taking home some Cuban cigars, rum, or some incredible selfies in the convertible of a 1950’s classic car. Instead, through Caravan, you will expand as a human by gaining access and insight into yourself and into multiple new ways of being, which you may choose to adopt and take back home.

That’s what the Caravan experience is all about: coming together to expand our individual & global consciousness. 


What's included in the experience? 

We’ve intentionally designed Caravan as a seamless and immersive experience from start to finish.  Here's what's included:

- 9 days, 8 nights: double accommodation in a Cuban Casa (single accommodations available upon request for an additional supplement)
- All transportation for 9 days (including to/from airport and 500+ kilometers through Cuba)  
- 2 delicious locally-sourced meals per day (lunch and breakfast at traditional Paladars & local hole-in-the walls) 
- Immersive Caravan community-sourced workshops and curriculum
- All excursions and activities (art tour, horseback riding, etc)
- Support in obtaining visa
- The opportunity to connect deeply with Cuba, yourself, and a group of new friends!

Just purchase your international flight + a Caravan ticket and we'll take care of everything else. This way you can show up and be fully present for the journey of a lifetime! 

Early Bird Price: $2950 (until September 15th)
Regular Price: $3450


Where will the journey take us? 

Although we believe the journey is not about the destinations, the ones that we’ll visit are certainly unique and worth mentioning! We will spend 8 days visiting the following cities, towns, beaches & countryside:  

Vinales: Stunning lush green valleys, mountains & vistas, Organic Farm-to-plate experience at a family-owned Cuban Farm, Caves Walks, Exploring Tobacco Country
Old Havana: Artist houses & studio walks, sunsets on rooftops, Salsa dancing, Cubano cooking & cocktail making class, classic convertible ride  
Trinadad: Colorful UNESCO World heritage town, waterfalls, horseback riding, live music & dancing in town square, hole-in-the-Paladares (restaurants) 
Cayo Levisa: A little island off the coast of Cuba. Think: secluded white sand beaches & tranquil turquoise water. This is your chance to chill and take in the easy life of Cuba. 


Why Cuba?  

The Cuban soul is eclectic and electric. The culture is brimming with music, dance, art, food, politics and more. A powerful pulse and spirit pumps through its veins.  The opportunity to know and understand this stunning culture is often intercepted by politics and media from the outside, thus leading to the biggest gap imaginable between perception and on-the-ground reality.  For this reason, Caravan driven to connect those seeking to know and understand the Cuban culture from the inside, in a real and human way.


We believe in: 
Experience, beyond information
Friendship, beyond networking  
Learning, beyond touring  
Participating, beyond observing  

Stories from past journeys: 


The Caravan team made our trip to Cuba so much more seamless and authentic than it otherwise might have been (if we went on our own). Through their well-established network there, they were able help us meet lots of great Cubans in their ever-expanding group of friends there not to mention have access to great local artists' homes, and have our day- and three-day trips to incredible places such as Vinales and Trinidad planned.  Highly recommend! - Ankur F


Experiencing Cuba with the Caravan team: I was a traveler, and not a tourist. I wanted to explore the art, food and drink, and culture of Cuba, and they ensured I see both the "must-see's" as well as the off-the-radar/local's experiences. From large warehouse art fairs, to intimate artist studios. From exclusive trendy nuevo-Cuban restaurant and bars, including stories from the owners, to local off the grid traditional cuisine (Hello Ropa Vieja and "Gas Station" beer-can flan). And possibly some Piña Coladas and mojitos in between.  To top it off, you could see and feel the team’s care for and connection with people of Cuba, which made all of the difference.  I cannot wait to visit Cuba again! - Jessica D


I can't say enough about the experience they created — it was so wonderful I went back again two months later. My first trip to Cuba was during the mourning period of Fidel Castro's death.  Instead of what may have been a horrible trip due to mourning of Fidel and tours, restaurants and bars being closed....it was amazing.  The team quickly shifted gears and found locals and other guides to help us for the week.  We toured galleries, went to tiny bars where the music still played, enjoyed the history and food of delicious restaurants and traveled to the sea for some coastal style life.  All in all the team was amazing...they set expectations from getting on the flight to Havana, changing money, food, connecting us with locals they knew so we could see a non-touristy life...and even meeting artists where they helped all of the group negotiate and buy art that will forever be in our homes.  - Debbie G.


Meet the Caravan: Cuba Team


90% of our team is Cuban and 100% of us are truly looking forward to share Cuba with you!


Caravan Leader

Yosenil has more than 17 years of tourism experience including a spanning mastery of 8 languages and a 12-year study of Hospitality and Marketing in Belgium. He is Cuban, but more or less a Global Citizen who has returned to his Havana roots to share the country with the world. Yos will be your experience creator for the week and is excited to guide you through Cuba!


Photographer & Videographer
A fresh and excited member of Cuba’s youth, Allejandro will share with us what it is like to live on the cusp of change. Allejandro is a talented photographer and videographer and will be with us for the duration of the trip to document our Caravan.

Caravan Caretaker
Claudia has spent her career bringing tourism to Cuba. With higher degrees in Hospitality from the University of Havana, Claudia adds interest and fun to everything that she does. She is a true asset to this trip and you will certainly get to experience her fantastic dancing skills!

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Cuban Philosopher
A young 70, we are blessed to have the company of Tony who will talk with us about life pre, during and post-revolution. Tony’s perspective is a true gift for the Caravan community and his experience living through the many faces of Cuba is something that must be heard to believe! 

Caravan Commander
Mike will be our Caravan commander and general muscle man on this journey. He also has a keen knowledge and interest of the sports of Cuba. 


Ballerina for Cuba National Ballet
Maileen graces the stage as she dances for the National Ballet, and we are grateful to have her join us throughout the week to share about Cuban dance culture. Maileen will take us to some of Cuba’s hottest dance spots. Get ready for fun!


Cuban Art Expert
Lancelot’s work has picked up critical acclaim in both Cuba and Internationally. This year he was featured at Art Basil, Miami, and has a solo exhibition in Panama at a prestigious gallery.  Lancelot’s dual Cuban-American citizenship makes his perspective unique and you can easily see this crossover represented in his large, bright, provocative art. Lancelot is an expert on Cuba’s changing art scene, and will join us for libations, meals and wild tales.


I want to join this Caravan. What are the next steps? 

1. Apply by clicking here or going to this URL: http://bit.ly/2nj6yKN
2. Wait for your application to be reviewed (accepted applicants will receive an email in 48-72h)
3. Purchase your ticket & get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Early Bird Price: $2950 (until September 15th)
Regular Price: $3450